Do you purchase or specify renewable technologies such as Solar Panels?

As a construction professional, how would you like to:

  • Get your solar designs done – for FREE
  • CAD drawings for solar done – for FREE
  • Ensure that works always look neat
  • Avoid delays to your build
  • Understand the policies, standards and latest technologies in the market
  • Save money and hassle on renewable energy investments

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Is keeping up with the latest standards or Government policy a pain?

Do you get confused keeping up with the latest regulations such as the Code for Sustainable Homes, BREEAM, the Building Regulations and the Merton Rule?

As I am sure you know they can make specification and purchase of sustainable materials for new buildings very tedious and complicated.

Don’t worry, our Buyers Guide simplifies it all.


Renewable technologies can be confusing

Do you understand what technology is best for what situation? How much things cost? What is the best way to meet the SAP requirements? What will the maintenance implications be and what do these things look like?

Do renewable technologies work?

Many installations of renewable technologies, such as solar panels, on homes and non-domestic buildings cost more than they should whilst performing below the required targets. Often the integration of technologies into the building do not work well or look really awful.

Don’t get caught out by misleading information. Our Buyers Guide gives you the truth from proven sources.

Communication is vital!

Often this stems from a lack of understanding and communication between the supplier and installer and the developer or contractor. Our report provides simple easy to follow guidelines to help with the transition between these stages of the project.

Here’s how we can help

We want to help you by making you aware of what is really available and what it really costs. You will learn about different technologies and what they do – as well as how the latest Regs will affect you as they change.

We will also keep you updated by email as the regulations change.


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Years of experience shared

I will also be offering industry leading insight, entrepreneurial perspectives about sustainability, news, viewpoints on any bigger issues like government policy and sharing some of my personal challenges of running a growing business.


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