Pudleston Court, Hereford

Many people consider Listed Buildings to be out of the equation when considering how to adopt renewable technologies but Eco2Solar Ltd have shown that anything is possible with the right approach (and communication with local planners) 

Ground Mounted Solar PV near listed building
Grade 2 Listed Building

Eco2Solar ltd recently completed the installation of a 100kWp, 400 panel Solar PV system to the grounds of a Grade 2 Listed Building in Herefordshire, which will provide the majority of the electricity needed for the estate and its many outbuildings.

Ground mount PV
Design sympathetic to area

Installed within two weeks, all black PV panels were selected and approved by the local planners in order to minimise the effect that the array would have on the nearby Tudor-Gothic court.

Pudleston solar PV
Project management

The court also commissioned the installation of a large Biomass plant which was installed by Eco2Solar’s Biomass partners, with Eco2Solar acting as project managers for the whole installation which will provide heating and hot water for the estate and its swimming pools.

Ground Mounted Solar PV
Savings and Income

Both technologies will provide significant energy savings and income from the Renewable Heat Incentive and Feed in Tariff schemes over the coming years.

Number of Panels400
Total kWp100Kwp
System TypeGround Mount
Special ConsiderationsListed building and planning negotiations. managed partner installation of Biomass