10th November 2016

Not about Trump

It is no surprise to any of us here in the UK that there’s a crisis in housing. Whole generations face the prospect of never being able to own their own home.

Not enough houses are being built and they are too expensive.

I have just read about Reach Homes. They convert shipping containers to offer a 1200 sq ft 2-bed solar-powered, highly insulated, cheap-to-run eco home – from just £65,000!

Secure, versatile, customisable and carbon-neutral, these homes will be built on brownfield land by apprentices learning a trade alongside experts and the new owners. Set in beautifully landscaped grounds, with a AAA energy rating and using up to 80% recycled materials in the construction, the homes are good for you and good for the planet!

Reach are not for profit and will use the proceeds to address homelessness and energy poverty and building more homes to house others who need to get out of sub-standard rented property, first-time buyers currently priced out of the market and the huge number of single person households.

They are Crowdfunding to raise money for this project.

You can see the prototype home at Heeley City Farm, Alexandra Rd, Sheffield S2 3EE or go to REACH Homes on Facebook for further details.