23rd June 2020

National Forecaster

We have an exciting opportunity for a National Forecaster to join the Eco2Solar Team! The purpose of National Forecaster is to provide full visibility for the company of the installations to be carried out within the next three months and to establish excellent communication with new build housing site managers.

You will be the voice of the company and be the main point of contact for the Site Managers and will provide the scheduling department with full visibility of labour and workload requirements for the next three months.

This is a proactive position and although you will be taking some incoming calls to schedule work, the measures will be based on the proactive calls made to gather visibility of the upcoming works.

The Key measured outcomes include:

  • Contact every site manager weekly to find work to schedule. (An initial introductory call or email on new projects to open up new relationship and set expectations and weekly scheduled calls to gather forecast of works)
  • Provide the scheduling team with 120% of delivered sales target to book in the current month.
  • Fill the installation schedule to 100% of target for the following month.
  • Incoming calls to schedule “last minute” or forgotten works will be seen as a failure and won’t count towards the scheduled target– proactive calls and forecasting is the key measure to minimise these.
  • Provide monthly report of forecast of works for the next 3 months to the Directors.

The National Scheduling Forecaster will log all calls and information onto the CRM/ERP system, provide customer service support to the site managers and work closely with the Scheduling Manager to manager installations and customer expectations.

We are looking for someone who will:

– Give their best and always be positive

– Work for the good of the team

– Always maintain an open and honest environment with high standards and strive for efficiency and a better ways to do things.

Interested in our role?

We would love to hear from you, please send your CV and a cover letter to and we will be in touch!

Lisa March

Human Resources Manager