10th July 2010

1.85kWp Solar PV and Solar Thermal: Malvern, Worcestershire

Eco2Solar installed a solar thermal and solar PV system to this attractive, modern house in the Malvern Hills. The customer was concerned about the aesthetics of the systems, and we were able to offer Rotex Flat Plate collectors which are built into the fabric of the roof. This was a strong selling point for Dr Burden, who preferred these collectors to the usual evacuated examples.

Eco2Solar installed a 1.85 kWp Sharp mono-crystalline solar PV system at the same time. The PV system will give Dr Burden a guaranteed tax free income for 25 years, with a return on investment of around 6-10% – much better than any bank! The array fits very neatly onto Dr Burdens’ available roof space – there wasn’t a lot of space to work with.