3rd August 2011

Local NHS Goes Solar!

Eco2Solar recently won a prestigious contract to install solar systems at The James Preston Health Centre, Sutton Coldfield and The Community Health Care Centre in Greet, Birmingham.

James Preston opted for a very large solar PV system, at an impressive 9kWp, alongside a solar thermal system to heat the hot water within the facility. This installation will entitle James Preston to over £3,850 in tax-free ‘income’ every year for 25 years from the Feed in Tariff Scheme; a government incentive to get more people on-board with solar PV energy . The solar thermal system installed at James Preston will also benefit from a payback scheme later in the year called the Renewable Heat Incentive; this will result in the health centre getting paid for every unit of heat which it generates, alongside the benefit of a massive 70% free hot water.

The Community Health Centre in Greet, has also helped to dramatically decrease its effect upon the environment by installing a 6kWp solar PV system. The system is expected to produce a substantial amount of electricity and will generate over £2,500 in combined free electricity and Feed in Tariff payments per annum.

In terms of carbon saving, the two health centres will save a combined total of approximately 8 tonnes of CO2 every year; this is the equivalent to the amount of CO2 produced by a signal household over an entire year, showing the positive CO2 impact of the health centres’ new solar PV and solar thermal systems.