31st July 2012

Impressive First Year Solar Returns at this Warwickshire Home!

Solar energy Warwickshire

One year on from his solar photovoltaic (PV) installation with Eco2Solar, Mr Armitage is pleased to announce that his 3.33kWp system has produced over 2,700kWh of energy in its first year of generation.

His solar array comprises eighteen Sharp NU185 185watt modules, alongside one SMA Sunnyboy SB3000HF inverter and was expected to contribute significantly to the electricity needs of his home, whilst reducing our customer’s carbon footprint.

Mr Armitage spoke about his experience with Eco2Solar and his system’s performance; “You might be interested to know that after one year of use I have received FIT payments totalling £1,230 and I have made huge savings on my gas and electricity bills too!”

Eco2Solar are also delighted with the installation, Director Ryan Mee commented “We are very pleased that we can demonstrate the real benefits of solar PV installation to our current and potential customers. As you can see from Mr Armitage’s home, solar electricity systems can provide a realistic alternative to fossil fuels for homeowners and give a sustainable energy source into the future”.