11th April 2012

3.99kWp Ground-Mounted Solar PV System: Great Witley, Worcestershire

In November 2011, Eco2Solar installed this impressive 3.99kWp solar PV system in the grounds of our customers’ Worcestershire property. The solar PV system comprises twenty-one Suntech 190STP 190 watt panels, alongside one SMA Sunnyboy 4000TL inverter and has an expected annual energy output of 3,425kWh. This substantial solar energy production will make a significant contribution to the electricity needs of the property, reduce the customers’ current fuel bills and provide £1,483 in tax-free income each year from the Government-backed Feed in Tariff initiative.

This installation was a particularly unusual one for Eco2Solar, as our skilled installation team were required to build a custom-made wooden frame for the panels to sit on. This frame ensured that the panels were in the best possible, un-shaded location and at the optimum angle to gain the best possible solar energy production.

Eco2Solar’s Director, Ryan Mee, worked on this project and commented “It is great for Eco2Solar to be able to offer our customer the opportunity to gain the maximum return from their PV system. Following the survey visit, it became evident that it was not convenient to install the system on the customers’ roof, so we came up with this solution to enable the customer to benefit from the best possible output from their system”.

Our customer also noted; “We were impressed by Ryan Mee who visited us and spent a good deal of time explaining the mechanics of the solar energy scheme and in particular the proposed plan for Eco2Solar to provide us with a ground mounted installation.  He was helpful and informative and at no time put us under any pressure.

Once we had made our decision to proceed with your company we were equally impressed by the efficiency of the process.  On the dates we were given the various members of the installation team arrived and completed their tasks in the timescale indicated.  They were hard working, informative and polite and it was a pleasure to have them working on this scheme.  Even when we discovered that the frame, according to the plans, did not sit happily on the site, the installers could not have been more accommodating and made amendments to suit us. We would be glad to recommend Eco2Solar to anyone considering installing solar panels. ”