Commercial Swimming Pools

With much publicised increases in energy bills, solar water heating for leisure centre or school pools is an obvious choice for local authorities or leisure facility operators. A solar heated pool shows a clear commitment to sustainable development and its benefits can be shared by the whole community – as well as contributing to a reduction in global warming.


Solar heated commmercial pool


The Ecotube system is so efficient that it can also provide the option of hot water for other parts of the building; dependent upon the season. Eco2Solar can install a “smart” system that is able to share energy between different areas. So, for example, in the summer solar power can be directed into the pool system with any additional hot water being used for showers or catering purposes. In the winter the sun’s energy could be used for heating with any excess energy used to heat the pool (or just using the pool as a heat sink).

The Ecotube system

We can provide a monitoring system for the reception area of your leisure centre creating a focal point for education or marketing. As you can see in the picture opposite, the display shows the temperature of the solar panels and the temperature of the pool as well as the total solar energy collected by the system.
Eco2Solar like to encourage imaginative use of solar energy, and can come up with creative ideas for your project as well as practical advice.

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