22nd August 2011

First come first served grant available for solar hot water system installations!

The Department of Energy and Climate Change recently announced that householders who install a solar hot water system after 1st August 2011may apply for a £300 “Premium Payment” Grant from the Energy Savings Trust on a first come first served basis.

The grant is estimated to be available to up to 25,000 houses in the UK and will be offered to domestic houses (subject to further energy saving measures being met within the house and the installation being conducted by an MCS accredited installer; such as Eco2Solar) who install the system between 1st August and March 2012.

Although the expiry date has been set at 2012, the money is available on a first come first served basis so as soon as the first 25,000 applications have been made then the grant will no longer be available.

In conjunction with this exciting news, Eco2Solar will also match the £300 grant offer from the Government and will also offer a further £300 off normal selling prices for installations conducted while the grant money is available.

This means that you could therefore receive up to £600 off the price of a solar hot water system if you apply as soon as possible.

We are therefore encouraging any customers who are exploring the possibility of installing  a solar hot water heating system to contact us as soon as possible so that they may take advantage of this short term grant offer.

Householders who receive the £300 grant will also be eligible for the Renewable Heat Incentive which is proposed to arrive October 2012 (details to be announced) which will pay householders with solar hot water systems tax free payments for 20 years.

Eco2Solar are experienced MCS accredited installers to allow customers full eligibility to the premium payment grant, Renewable Heat Incentive and can provide full support and assistance in applying for the grant from the Energy Savings Trust.

If you would like to take advantage of this limited grant offer then please contact Eco2Solar on 01562 745265 or email Francesca at

With no grant assistance available to domestic houses for the last 15months, the money will not last long and we are expecting huge demand over the next few months so if you would like to organise a survey and receive a quote then please contact us as soon as possible.