7th May 2015

Fictitious energy drink goes on sale,

A group of Berlin art directors have launched a digital campaign promoting a fake energy drink sourced from the Japanese nuclear site to highlight its ongoing water contamination problem.

Four years on from the Fukushima nuclear disaster, contaminated water – being used to cool the plant – is still leaking into the Pacific Ocean. “The water needs to be stored because it’s highly contaminated,” said Stefan Wittemann, one of the three campaigners “but [tanks] are leaking and water is running into the ocean. The exact numbers are very hard to get because the Tokyo Electric Power Company (Tepco) will not tell you anything and Greenpeace will tell you a super-high number.”

The ambition of the fictitious water advert is to pressure those involved into making more information publicly available, says Kenzi. “The best way to force change is through social media. Expose the company and force them to share with the public what is going on.”

German humour at its best eh!

Kind regards

Paul Hutchens

Managing Director

Eco2 Solar Ltd, Worcestershire, England