8th December 2011

Festival Housing

In December 2011, Eco2Solar completed an impressive 29 solar PV installations for Festival Housing properties, in over ten locations. The solar PV systems total a staggering 57kWp of energy, with the individual systems ranging from 1.4kWp up to 3.5kWp which will produce over 45,000kWh of energy between the properties on an annual basis.

Festival Housing has chosen to go ahead with the installations as part of a scheme to reduce fuel poverty and become more carbon efficient. Festival Housing are using solar electricity to reduce the cost of fuel for its tenants and see the Feed in Tariff scheme as simply an added bonus.

Eco2Solar’s Business Development Manager, Mark Emery, has been working very closely with Festival Housing and commented on the project; “Eco2Solar are very pleased to be involved in a positive venture which has the sole aim of reducing fuel poverty in the local area, it is important for companies to give back to the environment and here at Eco2Solar we are proud that we have had the opportunity to be involved in this process”.