Electric Vehicles

When looking for company vehicles, cost and the environment are high in our considerations. As a company involved with renewable energy we have kept an eye on  the development of Electric Vehicles (EV’s) and Our Senior Leadership team now run them as company vehicles. We have Charging points both at home and the office; installed by Eco2Solar of course. 

It was important to us that the vehicles were Hybrid electrical but as we do a lot of miles they also had to perform the roles of reliable company and family cars.

There were several reasons that we acquired these cars:

  • Save money on fuel
  • Be kinder to the environment
  • Prove the Technology 
  • Learn about the practical requirements for running EV’s
  • Save a lot of tax; these EV’s are as little as 0% benefit in kind – BIK – whereas our previous company cars were around 23%. This saved as much as £300 per month in tax alone!

The Team are now on their second generation of Hybrid and full electric cars, with CEO Paul taking the plunge with a fully electric Jaguar i-Pace. This  has proved more than capable of racking up the long distance miles. The only minor bug bear being the disparate charging network with multiple payment and smart card requirements.

Group Commercial Director Ryan is awaiting the delivery of a Tesla which will prove an interesting comparison to the Jaguar and no doubt very different to his previous Mitsubishi PHEV. Meanwhile, Operations Director Lee Chadwick, with the highest mileage requirement, is running a BMW 5 series Hybrid. His drive to the office is done on full electric and with the petrol engine taking the strain on longer trips.

So the important question is what are these cars like to drive and to live with.

Everyone was impressed with the original hybrid cars, with the ability to run on full electric for short distances, Petrol on long journeys or a combination of both when the mood or situation required it.

The full electric Jaguar though is on another level, very quiet, and the instant acceleration is compelling, and in normal driving the range is impressive and the running costs tiny compared to a normal diesel or petrol vehicle. 

BMW 5 series

The Operations Director  has a short commute to the office during the week with a longer journey at the weekends, and is often required to quickly head off to any site in the country. The 5 Series Hybrid, comfortably makes the daily commute on full electric and the Petrol engine is always there for the longer journeys 

Jaguar I-Pace

With fully electric cars now being available, Paul now drives a Jaguar i-Pace. WIth charging available  both at home and the office the car is always ready to go, and the range is capable of matching the usability of a normal car with just a little extra planning and the performance is impressive.

BMW 330e

Paul is a keen motorist with a history of competing in motorsport so the driving aspect of the car is important. His first step in EV’s was with the hybrid BMW 330e which Paul both the economy and performance he needs. Pure electric range allowed him to get to and from the office on solely electrical power. He loved it so much that his wife now drives one!