28th November 2011

Eco2Solar Helps Turn Snitterfield Green

Eco2Solar has helped a Warwickshire village become an eco-energy hot spot, with 20 households installing solar panels this year. We have been working with the Snitterfield Actioning Climate Change group (SACC), a group supported by the West Midlands Energy Saving Trust, which aims to help local residents reduce their environmental impact via the installation of renewable energy solutions at a discounted group rate.

By buying as a group, Snitterfield residents have managed to make significant savings over individual purchases and have helped boost the number of local residents choosing to participate in the scheme. The earlier installations are already beginning to realise significant savings both in reduced energy and in income generated under the Government-backed feed in tariff (FIT) incentive.

Although the sums payable under the FIT scheme – which pays householders for every kWh of electricity they generate and export back to the national grid – are due to reduce from 43.3p to 21p for installations commissioned and registered after December 12th, Eco2Solar has assured Snitterfield residents who have not yet installed panels that they will still be able to realise significant returns on their investment even when the reduced fee comes into effect.

The 20th Snitterfield photovoltaic (PV) installation, which was completed at the beginning of November, comprises fourteen REC 240W panels and one SB3000HF inverter to make a 3.36kWp solar system. Under the terms of the FIT operating at the time of installation, this will give the householder £1,195 of tax-free income. In total, they should see a 14.2% return on their investment – including savings in electricity bills and income received from exporting back to the grid.

However, even under the new FIT terms, a similar installation completed after 12th December would still realise a return of over 10% – a rate significantly higher than that of any bank.

The completion of the 20th installation brings the total amount of renewable energy installed in Snitterfield to over 35,000kWh per annum, which is the equivalent of 19 tonnes in carbon savings per year. To offset this amount of carbon the community would need to plant 98 trees each year, or 2,450 trees in 25 years, which would require a massive 17.5 acres of land!

Eco2Solar is proud to support the Snitterfield Scheme, as managing director Paul Hutchens explained.

“This is an excellent example of the Big Society in action,” he said. “The Snitterfield homeowners have taken advantage of a fantastic opportunity to make a great tax-free return on their money as well as doing something positive for the environment. Eco2Solar will ensure that these schemes remain attractive into 2012.”

Eco2Solar have already put together an offering for the new 21p FITs which will provide an average 10% return on investment for new purchasers, alongside an average 10 year payback period (based on a 4kWp, south facing, 30° solar PV installation).

“This scheme has been extremely successful for the village,” said Vikki Parker, representing the Snitterfield Actioning Climate Change Group.

“The deal we were able to negotiate with the Eco2Solar has been second to none. The price has been extremely competitive, with the added bonus of a free 2kWp system on a community building for every 10 domestic installations. We have been delighted with the service and support offered by Eco2Solar.”

For more information on the scheme, please visit the SACC website: