19th May 2015

Does solar add value?

Although I have been working in the solar industry for 8 years now – which makes me a veteran in this new world – there does not appear to have been a proper empirical, data based study on the value that renewable technologies, such as solar panels – adds to a property or how it is perceived by home owners and the public alike from a value perspective. We know from other Government based studies that 70% of the UK population supports solar energy but does installing energy and money saving equipment make the house more valuable?

It should really, shouldn’t it, because a building that costs less to run puts money in your pocket like a negative income. So if, for example, you had a cheque every year for owning a piece of land, you would factor that into its value. Why is solar any different – especially if there is actually a guaranteed income from the Feed in Tariffs.

Of course, it could work the other way. Some people may not want solar panels on their roof or find them unattractive. However, as renewable technologies become more ubiquitous, they become more popular and “normal”. Therefore I would imagine that these objections will reduce over time.

In the absence of such empirical data, as Chair of the Solar Trade Association New Build focus group, we are about to embark on a study to gather data and prepare a report on this which will start soon and be ready to report in a few months. We think that this could be really helpful in helping everyone – including home owners, construction companies, landlords and Government to name but a few – make a considered and reasoned decision about deploying solar technology.

Do you good people agree that this would be helpful? Why do YOU think so?

If you have any evidence that might help, that would be even better!

Kind regards

Paul Hutchens

Managing Director

Eco2 Solar Ltd, Worcestershire, England