2nd March 2013

9.75kWp Solar PV System: Dale Street Methodist Church, Leamington Spa

In January 2012, Eco2Solar completed this impressive 9.75kWp solar photovoltaic (PV) system on Dale Street Methodist Church in Leamington Spa. Eco2Solar were first contacted by the church, when they were researching solar PV; as one congregation member had a system which was installed by us and they were also aware of the work which we were completing with Community Energy Warwickshire.

The substantial solar PV installation comprises thirty-nine Suntech STP250S – 20/Wd 250 watt panels, with one Fronius IG120 inverter; to produce an estimated 8,481kWh of renewable energy each year, which is the equivalent of offsetting the energy requirements of 2.5 houses. This energy output will contribute significantly to the energy requirements of the church, which supports over 25 community organisations, alongside providing £1,425 in tax-free annual income from the Government-backed Feed in Tariff scheme. A number of congregation members made the installation possible by giving interest-free loans to the church to enable it to purchase the solar PV system. The loans will then be paid back from the Feed-in Tariff income that the church will make from the solar system.

Andew Emm, from Dale Street Methodist Church spoke about the project; “Following the installation, it was great to spread the news that our 9.75kw scheme on the church roof was now generating and at one point on day-one we saw it running as high as 70% in just winter sunshine. It was good to feel that our ancient slate roof was in good hands with Rob and his team who also took care to work with understanding around the mix of weekday activities that happen here.  I also appreciated Chris’s full explanation of the inverter and the electrics in the context of our rather complicated building wiring. We should be happy to play any part in spreading the ‘green’ word generally and also in recommending  Eco2Solar”.

Eco2Solar’s Business Development Executive, Sam Montgomery was working closely on the project  and commented; “It was a pleasure for Eco2Solar to work alongside Mr Emm at Dale Street, on a project which the community had invested time, care and money into. We look forward to monitoring the progress of the system and hope that the congregation are able see the return on their investment as soon as possible”.


Our MD, Paul Hutchens, and Andrew Emm can be seen admiring the solar PV installation in the image on the right.