8th December 2011

9.88kWp Solar PV System: Community Energy Warwickshire: Stratford-upon-Avon Hospital

In December 2011 Eco2Solar installed this impressive 9.88kWp solar PV system to Stratford-upon-Avon Hospital as part of the ‘Community Energy Warwickshire’ initiative; a community based group which is raising the funds to install solar PV on Stratford and Warwick hospitals by inviting people to become members of the group by investing in shares to help the environment.

The solar PV system includes fifty-two Suntech STP190S-24Ad+ panels and one Fronius IG + 120 inverter to produce an estimated 8,117kWh of renewable energy for the hospital on an annual basis; through the government-backed Feed in Tariff scheme this will provide the hospital with over £3,000 in tax-free income each year, alongside reducing the overall non-renewable energy consumption of the facility.