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Chelmsford City Council

In late 2015, Eco2Solar ltd completed the installation of 150kWp PV systems for Chelmsford City Council on three of their buildings.

Multiple Buildings

Systems were installed to the Sports and Athletics Centre, a local school swimming pool and a large recycling depot.

Difficult Scheduling

With school exams taking place and 24 hour recycling lorries requiring access beneath scaffold, the installations were complex and required Eco2Solar Ltd to draw upon their many years of experience in the installation of complex Solar arrays.

The systems were installed over a two week period and add to the 50kWp PV array that Eco2Solar Ltd completed to the Council Headquarters in 2014.

Ten Year Payback

Although the systems were registered before the 2016 degression, we estimate that they would still enjoy a payback of under 10 years and a 10% annual return on the lower rate, which is not to be sniffed at!

Number of buildingsThree
Total Kw150kWp
Special ConsiderationsAvoiding noise during exams, Maintaining public access, Lorry movments
Payback TimeEstimated under 10 Years