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Barratts Robroyston

After many successful installs with Barratt Homes across the UK, we were asked to provide the Solar PV for 102 plots near Glasgow. Our installations allowed us to help meet national sustainability targets, alongside helping Barratt’s customers save money and reduce their carbon footprint.

Attractive Properties

These beautiful properties are located in a quiet and relaxed suburb of Glasgow. The contemporary and modern design of these properties is important to maintain, which is why any Solar PV needed to be as aesthetically pleasing as possible. To fit this need we utilised In-roof, all black panels, which create an aesthetically pleasing installation for both clients and end consumers.

Grid Connection

Grid connection has often been a challenge in Scotland. Any grid additions are carefully monitored, in order to avoid overloading. With this project, a sub station upgrade was advised, in order to facilitate the 160 kWp Solar PV on site. However, our technical team were able to undertake a study that determined that the grid upgrade would not be needed for the installation, saving hassle and time on site.

Cost Savings

After determining that no grid connection cost would apply, a significant saving was made. The original estimate to upgrade the local substation was around £80,000. This saving reduced hassle and financial outlay for Barratts, showing how we can go above and beyond to help you save money and meet targets.

Site LocationGlasgow
Installation Type 250w Monos, In-Roof
Number of Properties102
Number of Panels594
Special RequirementsThe grid advised that substation upgrade would be required for the 160kWp solar
PV to be connected
How did we help the clientWe conducted a study that concluded that the grid upgrade was not needed.
How much did we save the clientSaving of £78,500 on grid connection costs