18th May 2012

Areley Kings Village Hall Celebrate Impressive First Year Solar Electricity Production

Solar PV Village Hall Stourport

One year on from their solar photovoltaic (PV) installation with Eco2Solar, Areley Kings are pleased to announce that in the first year of production their solar energy system has contributed over 20% of their electricity needs for the year. Alongside this impressive figure, the 3.885kWp solar electricity installation has also provided the village hall with £1,800 in tax-free income from the Feed-in-Tariff scheme, plus over £200 in reduced electricity costs. This substantial contribution will enable the village hall to plough more money into the hub of the community, which hosts many events such as Coffee Mornings, Ball Room Dancing, Whist and Bridge Clubs, Friendship Club, Keep Fit, Meetings, Amateur Dramatics and the Women’s’ Institute to name but a few.

Eco2Solar are delighted with the installation, which benefits everyone who uses AKVH; our Director Ryan Mee commented; “Having lived a stone’s throw away from Areley Kings as a lad, this project was of personal importance to me and I am delighted that Eco2Solar were successful in winning the contract to install the system for Areley Kings VH. This type of project demonstrates just what can be achieved when a local community comes together to proactively tackle rising energy bills, the hard work done by everyone to raise the funds to enable this project to go ahead was nothing short of phenomenal. The solar PV system is actually exceeding our estimates and is providing more than enough electricity to power the average domestic household for a year. The forward thinking of the trustees of Areley Kings Village Hall, and all their supporters, means that they now have control over their energy bills and will receive tax free payments for the next 25 years, as well as generating nearly 25% of their own electricity free.”

Areley Kings Village Hall Trustee, Graham Baldwin, who was leader of the project, also shared his thoughts on the installation.” We have now completed 12 months of production, and I would like to share with you the results of our efforts. Since the installation was commissioned we have produced 4,059kWh’s which I am very pleased to say has exceeded eco2solar’s most optimistic estimate of 3,680kWh’s. What a result, thank you so much again for all the work you put in at the start of the project; the day I met you Ryan at the Malvern Spring Show was a very good day for Areley Kings Village Hall. To complete the picture for you, the hall continues to be used very regularly and we have several new users, which I believe is due to the fact that we have been able to keep our rates of hire very competitive; a big contributor has been our reduction in energy costs. In the monitored period of one year we used 18,645kWhs, which overall means we produced 22% of our energy requirements, we think this is excellent and means so much to the long term viability of our village hall. The other great result is that we have avoided 2,300kgs of carbon emissions. Good news all round; a very big thank you to all at Eco2Solar.”

We are very pleased that the Village Hall can begin to reap the huge benefits of their solar installation just twelve months after the installation took place, and hope that they are able to use the financial benefits which they will receive over the next 24 years to keep their community activities going for years to come!