31st October 2011

Air-Source Heat Pump: Martley, Worcestershire

Eco2Solar installed a heat pump system to this lovely semi-detached property in Martley, Worcestershire, in October this year. The 8.5kWh Ecodan air source heat pump compresses the air drawn in from outside the house to provide heating and hot water for the property. Hot water is stored in a Telford Tempest 200 litre stainless steel unvented cylinder.

Heat pumps are a great investment as they produce up to 3 times as much energy as they consume – making them really efficient!

It is also important to note that the system is currently eligible for the Renewable Heat Premium Payment of £850; a government-backed grant to provide financial support for those wishing to install renewable energy systems and will also be eligible for the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) when it is introduced in 2012.

The system has been up and running for 5 weeks and is keeping the household really warm. Homeowner, Tracey Hutchens, said “the Mitsubishi air heat pump produces a really comfortable heat which is not too hot or dry. It keeps the house at the ideal temperature and heats the hot water.”