17th July 2012

Air-Source Heat Pump and 3.5kWp Solar PV System: Maerdy, Conwy

Heat Pump System

In early July 2012 Eco2Solar installed this combined solar PV and heat pump system, at this lovely property in the Welsh countryside. The air-source heat pump system installed at the house is a Mitsubishi Ecodan Standalone System, which was supplied by Mitsubishi Electric Europe and will provide all of the heating and hot water for the house.

The air-source heat pump works efficiently with a combination of under floor heating in the kitchen and lounge areas, alongside oversized radiators in the rest of the house and replaces a combi-boiler system with a new 250L unvented cylinder; with the option for installing solar thermal in the future.

The cost of the heat pump system was reduced by £850, thanks to our customers’ application to the Government-supported Renewable Heat Premium Payment scheme; which ensures that heat pumps and solar thermal systems are more affordable for those wishing to install these renewable technologies.

Alongside the heat pump system, our customer also opted for a 3.5kWp ground-mounted solar PV system. This array comprises 14 Suntech 250S-20/Wd 250Watt models, supported by an SMA Sunnyboy SB3000HF inverter and has an expected annual renewable energy contribution of 2,876kWh. This output will further reduce the carbon footprint of the property, by contributing to the energy needs of the heat pump system,Solar Energy alongside providing the homeowner with an annual income of £604, tax-free, from the Government-backed Feed in Tariff scheme.

The combination of renewable technologies at the property, mean that the overall energy costs of the property will reduce dramatically and will provide the homeowners with a sustainable energy solution into the future.

Our customer also commented on their experience with Eco2Solar; “We chose Eco2Solar based upon their MCS approval, we found their visit to our house to be of an excellent standard so went ahead with their quote. The arrangements which they made to install our system were good and the work was completed in a very professional manner; I would certainly recommend them”.