About us

In 2006, Founder and Managing Director Paul Hutchens was down in the dumps! He had sold his previous business which distributed car parts – not for very much – and was trying to figure out what to do next. He considered going back to “corporate life” selling IT solutions to global businesses but his heart was not in it and this reflected in the fact that he did not get offered any positions.

He looked at numerous options and did some ad hoc consulting work to make ends meet but then a conversation with a friend changed everything! They were mulling over possible ideas for future opportunities. They had already considered property investing (good job that did not materialise before the global recession and credit crunch) and various distribution options. Paul’s friend, Gil, then asked Paul what he actually cared about. Paul reeled off a few things including his family, child welfare and the environment. Gil then asked “what about alternative energy that does not create pollution”?

That question set Paul off on a path of research to look at how he could create a business that made money and contributed towards saving the earth from climate change. His research found that solar technologies that had been around for decades were starting to become economically viable for homeowners and owners of commercial buildings.

As a result, Paul established Eco2Solar in 2007 to address the threat of climate change, by reducing CO2 emissions and fuel shortages through the application of solar energy. Since then, we have added a number of other products and services; particularly a full electrical package for new build housing.

After 13 years in business, Eco2Solar is still a family run Midlands based company providing professional, cost-effective solar panel, EV charging and battery storage installations that significantly reduce the installation costs of the necessary sustainable measures for construction companies to meet their targets; particularly house builders and developers such as Barratts, Persimmon and Lovells.

Eco2Solar has grown rapidly since 2007, expanding to become a significant Worcestershire based employer in the last 12 years. As passionate solar power and sustainable living enthusiasts, Eco2Solar fully believe in our technology’s financial and environmental benefits. And as an experienced, expert and professionally run family business, we pride ourselves on delivering on time and on budget – every time.

From our Midlands base, we offer install solar panels and provide electrical work across all of mainland UK, helping our customers to save money, safeguard the environment, reduce their fuel bills and make a great return from their solar panels and storage systems.

Our approach

We formed Eco2Solar around the strong belief that our solar energy solutions offer a viable, cost-effective way to limit the effects of climate change and protect the planet for all our future generations.

By using our wealth of experience, expertise and the latest solar technology we aim to make solar energy good news for your pocket, and good news for the planet.

Everything we do is driven by a commitment to delivering a friendly, highly-professional service that you can rely on. 

Projects of any scale or size

We are happy to discuss any scale or size of project with you, from private domestic houses to large buildingh sites or commercial solutions

Eco2Solar is now one of a small number of electrical and renewable energy companies who can install large scale commercial solar systems on a full Design & Build basis with in-house design and CAD capability. Interested? Just get in touch.

Why we only use our own electrical experts

After we’ve agreed with you the best energy solution for your needs, we’ll move on to the installation.

To ensure that you get the most effective solar system possible, Eco2Solar only use our own fully trained solar installers. Eco2Solar adheres to the strict guidelines laid down by our governing body NICEIC. Each installer is qualified and experienced with solar PV or is a qualified and experienced roofer. So when it comes to having your system fitted, you get expert trades people you can trust.

Costs and timelines you can trust

From the outset we promise to be clear about costs and timelines, so there are no nasty surprises later on. As a professionally run business, we pride ourselves on delivering on-time and on-budget – every time.

For your free, no-obligation quote, contact us today.

Planning that you can depend on

At Eco2Solar we understand that delivering you the best electrical or solar energy installation requires careful planning. That’s why we begin by establishing exactly what your requirements are. Only then we can start developing the most effective and cost-efficient solution for your specific needs.

Giving you the latest in solar technology

Eco2Solar know that the better the technology we use, the greater the energy savings you make. That’s why we only install the highest quality solar power equipment from industry-leading manufacturers. We also believe that how the system looks is really important to homeowners in particular so, on our new build projects, we offer as standard all black solar panels that are discreetly integrated into the roof

A super-efficient system that’s good for 30 years (and more!)

Our super-efficient solar technology is proven to be durable, versatile, and will minimise waste and maximise energy usage- giving you the best possible solar energy solutions. The glass and metal components used are specially designed to give you a reliable system that will last more than 30 years. And with solar energy being free and almost endlessly renewable, that means serious savings for your pocket and the planet.

After care you can rely on

One of the many benefits of an Eco2Solar solar energy system is its amazing life span. You’ll receive a reliable, super-efficient system that’s good for 30 years and more. But if you have any problems, or need any advice on other solar energy, we promise we’ll be there to help.

Following installation, we continue to offer you the highest standards in ongoing solar energy advice and support. This support is available on 01562 977 977.

Who we work with

Eco2Solar predominantly deliver solar energy solutions for new build homes and commercial buildings. Our main clients include Barratts, Taylor Wimpey, Linden Homes, David Wilson Homes and Lovells.

However, other recent projects include health centres, schools, care homes, offices and large apartment buildings working for clients such as Worcestershire County Council and Sanctuary Housing, as well as installing solar panels in many homes throughout the Midlands and beyond.

So, if you want to discuss the feasibility, benefits or cost of solar panels or battery storage for ANY type of building, please get in touch and contact us today or phone 01562 977977