20th November 2013

49.91kWp Solar PV: Worcestershire County Council, Wildwood Building

Worcestershire County Council Solar Energy

In October 2013, Eco2Solar installed a 49.91kWp solar PV system on Worcestershire County Council’s brand new Wildwood development, next to County Hall in Worcester.

The installation is just one of the on-going projects which Eco2Solar is delighted to be working on with the county council in 2013. The solar array at Wildwood comprises two hundred and seventeen Suntech 230W poly panels, supported by three SMA Sunnyboy 17000TL inverters and is expected to produce 42,600kWh of solar energy annually.

The renewable energy system will save 22kg of carbon each year, whilst providing Worcestershire County Council with £4,729 in Government-backed Feed in Tariffs and saving them over £5,000 on electricity.