19th November 2013

21.75kWp Solar PV: Speller Metcalfe Head Office, Malvern

Solar Power With Speller Metcalfe

In October 2013 Eco2Solar installed a 21.75kWp solar PV system on the Head Offices of Speller Metcalfe in Malvern.

Having already completed several projects with Speller Mercalfe, Eco2Solar were chosen to complete the esteemed installation based upon our past workmanship and customer service.

The solar array at the offices comprises eighty seven Phono Solar 250W modules, across two roof pitches, which are supported by one SMA Sunnyboy STP-12000TL-10 and one SMA Sunnyboy STP-10000TL-10 inverter.

The solar array is expected to produce 18,824Wh of renewable energy for the offices annually, whilst providing £2,366 from the Feed in Tariffs and saving approximately £2,824 on electricity each year.

Following the installation Adrian Speller, Environmental Manager of Speller Metcalfe commented; “We were delighted to work withEco2Solar on this project, following the successful projects which we have completed with us in the past.

It was essential for Speller Metcalfe to choose a trusted partner to install solar energy on our head office, which is why we went ahead with Eco2Solar.

We are pleased with the high standard of work and look forward to reaping the environmental and financial benefits of our new solar system.”