Monthly Archives: April 2020

Should more of us be driving hybrid or electric cars?

The use of fuel-efficient hybrid or electric cars is also seeing an exponential rise in recent years. In our latest survey of consumer opinions and actions around climate change, 27% of respondents now claim to drive fuel efficiently or drive a fuel-efficient car. There are currently around 100,000 electric vehicles…

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Why we need to reduce food waste and meat consumption

Following on from our previous blog post about the everyday actions today’s consumers are taking to care for the environment, we wanted to look at the statistics around food waste and meat consumption in a little more depth. Well over half the respondents in our survey (63%) said they’ve reduced…

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How today’s homeowners are caring for the environment

As we all become more conscious of saving energy and minimising waste, today’s consumers are more focussed than ever on playing their part in caring for the environment. Our recent study into consumer attitudes and actions around climate change revealed encouraging statistics around the everyday actions most of us now…

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Flooding, melting ice and heat waves – should we be more worried?

How concerned are today’s consumers about the impact of climate change? Our recent survey of 1,000 homeowners and renters revealed that 36% of people were ‘extremely concerned’ and 46% were ‘quite concerned’. Interestingly, notable differences in the level of concern over climate change were reflected in the age demographics of…

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Do we really understand the impact of climate change?

A key message highlighted through our recent survey on public opinions around climate change was that most of us do feel we understand climate change, but aren’t always sure where to find reliable information. The vast majority of respondents – 75%, in fact – felt they had a clear understanding…

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