Monthly Archives: April 2015

Politicians at risk of losing out

Following our theme of talking about politicians (is there an election coming up by any chance?), MPs’ pension fund is at risk from fossil fuel investments, Green MP Caroline Lucas warns. The £487 million UK MPs’ pension pot is in danger of taking a financial hit due to the failure…

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UK political party leaders agree!

Hi David Cameron, Ed Miliband and Nick Clegg signed a cross-party pledge to tackle climate change in February this year. The agreement includes commitments to an internationally binding deal at Paris 2015, a promise to end unabated coal power generation and a pledge to agree a Carbon Budget in accordance…

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Homes of straw

Straw houses will no longer be the preserve of little pigs and self-builders this week, as the first straw houses offered on the open market go on sale. But these homes won’t be blown away and could keep the energy wolves at bay by cutting fuel bills by up to…

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